Credit Card Car Rental Coverage Options

Savings Using Credit Card Car Rental Coverage Options

Before entering an agreement to rent an automobile, it would be advantageous to become aware of and familiar with the rental car insurance procedures. To protect the company’s property that is being rented from vehicular damage, there is one main part of the finalization process that we as the consumers must complete; it is the acquisition of car rental insurance coverage.

There are several options of car rental insurance coverage that is made available to the consumer. We have the choices to buy the rental car insurance from the agency, use our own personal auto insurance, or use credit card car insurance. Whichever we choose to do, we should make certain that there is enough coverage to take care of any damages or any other mishaps that might be incurred while the auto is in our possession.
In today’s economy where we are looking for ideas to streamline our budgets and seeking ways to get the best deals, cost comparison must be factored into the equation. One step in the right direction is to become familiar with our personal auto insurance and what provisions for car rental insurance coverage it has to offer.

To avoid the responsibly of having to pay for someone else’s property, we have the option of purchasing the rental agency’s insurance coverage, but we must be aware that these companies are in the business to make money. Many options will be at our disposal to view, but we must be careful that we are not already covered for a rental car under our own personal auto insurance. Review the rental company’s plan that is offered, making sure that the information is understandable with detailed explanations, followed by comparing their coverage to your personal as well as your credit card insurance coverage.

Although we are responsible and required to purchase indemnity for our vehicles, not all auto insurances offer car rental coverage as part of their policies. Again, it is up to us to become informed as to exactly what is covered under our personal auto insurance policy, which should include car liability insurance and auto collision insurance. Full coverage (liability, collision, and comprehensive) is required by the state and the lender if the car is being financed, and it pays for other’s damage and injuries for which we are legally liable. It does not pay for our car. Once we have fulfilled our obligations to that lender, then the coverage can be reduced to just collision and comprehensive coverage which pays for damages incurred to our auto.

While there are other alternatives available for car rental without a credit card, know that there are also other options that we may already have access to laying in our wallets or purse, that offer savings and additional rewarding incentive packages when purchasing car rental insurance. These car rental credit card coverage options are offered through the major credit card companies.

These beneficial coverage may include rental car insurance benefits for free or a rental car at a discount rate. Other rewards for using the credit cards may include, dependent on the company, free towing and extended coverage for additional drivers who are authorized by the rental agencies. Credit card company benefits make it possible to bypass offers from the rental agency such as collision damage waiver (CDW), and use the credit card CDW protection plan. There is also the collision protection that is at no additional cost, when the credit card is used.

American Express. American Express insurance offers up to 42 days of coverage with one flat rate. There is no charge to enroll and a claim can be filed that is nondeductible. Credit card members have regular access to car rental discounts at several national car rental companies. When a car is rented through one of these car rental providers, a one-car upgrade, if available, is granted, as well as special mileage discounts at participating locations, and 5-15% discount on daily rates. If you travel often enough, you can also take advantage of the 1% cash rebate on all purchases that are made with no annual fees. The plan also covers most vehicles that are available at rental companies including from smaller economy sizes to large luxury sedans, convertibles, exotic cars (worth more than $50,000), minivans, vans, pickup trucks, and full-sized SUVs. These car rental discounts are free to all American Express card members.

MasterCard. MasterCard credit card rental program offers a MasterRental insurance that pays for covered damages to the rental vehicle when the card is used to initiate and pay for the entire rental transaction. We are covered when we are designated as the authorized drivers in the auto rental contract, but the car must be rented in your or my name. When we do not have any insurance coverage, MasterRental will act as our primary insurance. Vehicles with a rental contract that exceeds a 31 consecutive days rental period from a rental agency will not be covered. MasterCard provides many different features and benefits that differ depending on the actual MasterCard card that you have, therefore to get more specific details, contacting their support group would be beneficial and less time consuming.

Visa. Visa card benefits offer auto rental insurance to all of its credit card holders, with a $10.00 a day savings when they are renting a car. This offer has been broaden to decrease confusion as to whose card is covered and whose card is not. The rental period coverage is for 15 consecutive days in the country where it is insured or 31 consecutive days outside the country where you or I reside. The entire transaction must be charged to a Visa card in order to activate the auto rental insurance and in addition, the car rental company’s collision damage waiver option has to be declined.

Many of us who have had any dealings with renting a car know that it is an almost impossible task if trying to get it done without a major credit card, a card that we are unaware of its potentiality to offer auto rental coverage. We do not have to look long or too far to examine the many savings in car rental insurance using credit card coverage options. Credit card auto rental coverage oftentimes provide the additional coverage that your personal or car rental insurance does not provide. This is the security blanket and savings that most of us are looking for today. Examine and compare and you are sure to find the savings in car rental insurance by choosing credit card coverage options.


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