Don’t Sit Back and Let Your Car Be Ruined By Rust.

Slightly scuffed

Go outside and have a look at your car, or maybe you already know.

How many chips and scratches are there?

Probably lots. More than a dozen. Trouble is, those are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s going to be much more that you don’t even know about.

Why is that a problem?

If you have lots of chips and scratches a lot of them will be all the way down to the metal. That’s a big problem. Why? Because unless you get it fixed it will end up ruining your car.

That’s right. Your beautiful car that you need to get you to work, or the shops, is going to eventually end up ruined. You will eventually start to get rust.

When you start getting rust on a car it becomes a problem. Rust will eventually turn into holes and I know you don’t want that.


You also don’t want to spend money

Nobody has the money to be running out and paying professionals to fix little chips and scratches on our car. It costs a lot of money. Money you’d rather spend of nice clothes or holidays.

There’s too many things you can buy instead with your hard earned money. Minor blemishes you can live with. That’s until they turn into holes. You see what I mean? You need to get them fixed.

There is another way

Are you afraid to get your hands dirty? I doubt it. Just wait until you hear how much money you could save by doing the work yourself. You heard me right. I said you can do it yourself.

I promise it’s not hard. In fact it’s really quite simple. All you need is touch up paint and you can paint the car yourself. It doesn’t matter if you weren’t great at art when you were at school. Who cares if you aren’t Van Gogh.

You don’t need to draw any pictures. All you need to do is cover up a few small scratches and chips, which you happen to have a lot of on your car.

How exactly do you do it


First you need to give your car a good wash. Everywhere you are going to be painting needs to be completely free of any dirt or engine oil. Just take some warm soapy water and give it a good scrub.

Are you ready to start painting?

After you have given it time to dry it’s time to begin painting. Go around the car softly stroking everywhere you see a small scratch or chip.

There is no point in having to do it twice, so make sure you get everything first time. After you think it’s all done, give it a good check.

I’m not saying you’re not perfect, just that there could be a few places you have missed.

JJ takes care of the Beetle

Get ready to wax and polish

Again, you have to wait until it’s completely dry or you end up with a bigger looking mess than you started with.

Get your waxing hand ready and give the whole car a good wax. Don’t be lazy and just wax the bits you’ve painted. Now sit back and enjoy.

James Harford is passionate for luxury cars and writes blogs related to cars maintenance tips. His blogs spotlight the tools and techniques of preventing your car from rust, dent and scratches. He suggests vw touch up paint to give refine and new look to your car.

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