How to Keep Your Car Safe From Thieves and Vandals

Honda Civic

If you have a nice car then you are of course going to want to try and keep it in the best possible condition. A nice car can easily be our pride and joy, and if this describes how you feel about your automobile then there are few things worse than going outside and finding it has been ruined by a vandal or worse still – stolen completely. The good news is that there are some ways you can reduce your chances of this happening and encourage your car to remain safely where you left it. Here we will look at some measures for you to take.


Shelter: First and foremost, if you want your car to stay safe then it’s highly important that you find somewhere you can keep it so. Parking your car on the road, or even on your front drive isn’t really safe and it’s going to tempt fate (as well as passers by with ill intent). If you keep your car in a garage this not only makes it harder for a trespasser to get in and to your car, but even better it also prevents them from seeing the car and getting the idea in the first place. They aren’t going to try and break into your garage on just an off-chance, so this way you can keep your vehicle much safer. And if you don’t have space, planning permission of the funds to add a garage to your building? Simple – you can still just as easily use a portable garage or portable shelter which you can add and take down as necessary and which is much cheaper.

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Security: The security you add to wherever you park your car is very important. Having front gates for instance can help to hide your entire front drive and make it harder for anyone to get in. Meanwhile including CCTV, and letting passers’ by know that you have them there can make breaking in seem a little too risky. A security light meanwhile can help you to scare away anyone approaching your drive while at the same time illuminating it for you when you go outside in the dark.

One of the important things to remember with security is that your home doesn’t necessarily have to be impenetrable, as long as it’s one of the more difficult to get into in the area. This works because most people who would otherwise think about breaking in will instead move on to the ‘easier targets’. Most crimes are a crime of opportunity, so if you don’t present the opportunity you will often manage to stay safe.

Your Car: Thinking about your car itself can also help you to keep it safe. It should go without saying that you must avoid leaving anything in view on your seats that someone could see through your window as this can often provide all the motivation that someone needs to break in. At the same time you can add other things to make it more difficult for people to break in. For instance include a steering lock and an alarm and you can make it much harder for someone to get in and make off with your car and at the same time once again deter people from trying in the first place.

The above guest post is written by James Ray, an avid car blogger. He works with Portable Shelter, online manufactures and distributors of instant garages, garage kits and party tents and sheds.

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