A Guide To Exotic Cars

The Rough Guide To Exotic Cars

Bentley, Maserati, Porches, Jaguar, Ferrari. Just the names alone conjure images of sunspots glinting across serpentine expanses of chrome, that almost mythical appreciation for these purveyors of elegance and exceptionality. But there is a class of automobile surpassing the standards of luxury and performance of the world at large. Collectively referred to as exotic cars, they are a rare class of marvels that transcend the boundaries and exceed the expectations.

So what makes a car exotic? Simply being one of a kind doesn’t quite cut it. You could box in the luggage rack on a 1979 VW Dasher station wagon, fill it with potting soil, grow rare strains of orchids and get plenty of turned heads, but your green thumb isn’t likely to turn anyone green with envy. Glide up to a red light in the 2011 Spadaconcept Codatronca Monza however and will likely have everyone’s eyes, at least until it hits green and you are back at 100 mph. three seconds later.

Exotic cars and Supercars fall into several categories. First there are the unique luxury offerings; these are cars that are not only exceptional examples of the finest auto makers have to offer, but also have that certain special something you just don’t get even in the top of the line models. For example, how does one top a Rolls Royce for luxury? With the Rolls Royce Phantom Silver, a limited edition (limited as in only 25 were made) ultra-luxury sedan boasting solid silver where you would usually see chrome. Or the somewhat less sleek but equally sophisticated Hummer stretch limo. At thirty feet in length and built to order, no amenities ever need be left behind.

The next class of exotic cars are the concept cars, the cars that make you think you just glimpsed into a very exciting future. Imaginative engineering, rule bending and breaking styles and the latest technology combine to create these rare glimpses both into the minds of modern automotive Einstein’s and the future we might soon see. If you like to hear questions like “So…does it hover?” These are the cars for you.

The Supercars fill in the next group. Like the exotic luxury cars, the supercars are supreme automobiles in their own right, but then instead of being lavished with the finest quality details, these cars are turned into true archons of high performance. The ultimate merger of the roadster with the racer, supercars have their own set of standards and the bar just keeps getting higher. From the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder with its low, sleek lines, razor sharp handling and perfect blend of traction and speed to the retro-styled but elegantly aerodynamic Spyker C12 Zagato , these are the true rock stars of cars.

Last but not least, the cars of legend. Those automobiles that were exclusive in the first place and although that place may have been a few decades ago, such perfection was achieved in their design that their class, style and mystique has only increased with time. Those cars that you only get to see once in a lifetime and only by chance, because more than money having one means you had a lot of dedication, love and luck. Just be sure to always lock the garage.

Chances are we will never get to own one of these unique automotive masterpieces ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we will never get to drive one. Exotic Car Rentals exist in most major cities in the United States, Europe and in hot spots around the world. Thanks to the World Wide Web and the tireless efforts of enthusiasts around the globe, the once hidden world of these exotic cars is now open for viewing and dreaming of, or at least pictures of it are. But we all have to have dreams, even if it’s just in pictures. And there will never be a dream to match the one of that perfect automobile.

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